About Us

Founded as a sole proprietor enterprise in 1985 by Mirza Yousaf Baig in the Capital City of Denmark namely Copenhagen as "Moughal Foods". The Business was mainly trading in ethnic food items specifically asian ethnic food. However Moughal Food extended its business operations to wholesale lately. The wholesale business was given the name of "Moughal Import Aps. " and is now at the forefront of the availability of asian food to the diverse locality of Copenhagen. Moughal Import is now owned by Mirza Khuram the only son of Mirza Yousaf baig. Moughal Import is acting as agent for some renowned international food brands. Meneba flour and Maaza Juice are two brands at forefront of the business.
Moughal Import is now dealing with over 2000 authentic items in-store, we offer the widest range of ethnic foods and spices. However Indian and Pakistani food items are at core of our business. Our Items are recommended for the best Indian cooking enthusiast. Warehousing business of moughal import act as a regional hub for different international producers of food items.Moughal Imports now offers food product imports from Asia to meet increased demand for the diverse locality of Copenhagen. The business has expanded its operations over the last 10 year however the ethnic community demand has also been increasing in a variety of ways. Moughal Imports has been successful over the competition in supplying imported Pakistani and Indian food products to the Copenhagen ethnic supermarkets.